Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Lovely Inspirational Story

...Assalamualaikum wbt...

...This is a lovely inspirational story...

Enjoy all...maybe its can be our story too.. (^_^)

When  my father proposed to my mother..He dedicated Surah Al-Imran, which he memorized off heart, as her Mahr (dowry)..

And when my husband proposed to me, my father told him that he would have to memorize a Surah of Quran as my mahr.. The wedding will not go on unless i've received my mahr.

I was asked to pick one of the surah's.. I choose Surah An-Nur.. For all the laws that Surah contained within it and for the fact that it seemed hard to memorize on my behalf.

And before our wedding day. Aside of being busy preparing for our " Newly wedded Nest ".. The Quran wouldn't leave my husband's hand an entire month as he was memorizing the Surah.

A few day before our wedding day, my husband came to recite to my father the Surah which he had completed.

My father told him every time you make a  mistake, you would have to start from the beginning all over agian.

My husband began reciting Surah An-Nur with his calm and gentle voice in such a beautiful scene which i will never forget. My mother and I would look at one another and would smile awaiting my husband to make a mistake so he would have to start all over again and by that increase my 'reward'.

But my husband - May ALLAH bless him - had memorized the Surah off heart and didn't even forget one single verse of it.

Once he finished my father hugged him and said to him : " Today i shall marry my daughter to you coz you have fulfilled her mahr..and your pledge to me.."

He didn't pay me a financial mahr..and we didn't buy gold worth tens thousands..
He sufficed me with ALLAH's words as an oath and contract between us.. 
-By : Hiba Ammar-

Now I wonder...what Surah I will choose as my mahr in future???? 

" Bukan wajah jadi pengukur..bukan harta jadi sandaran...tetapi janji tuk bersama hingga ke Jannah itu yang diharapkan"

- Til We Meet Agian -
Wassalam (^_^)v

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